I am




I am good,

I am bad.

I am sweet,

I am sad.

I am love,

I am wrath.

I am sane,

I am mad.


I am clever,

I am fool.

I am hot,

I am cool.

I am worker.

I am tool.


I am all,

I am none.

I am complete,

I am done.


I am shabby,

I am style.

I am frown,

I am smile.

I am tough,

I am fragile.


I am busy

I am idle.

I am fast

I am diddle.

I am smart,

I am fiddle.


I am no,

I am yes.

I am crazy

I am mess.

I am more

I am less.


I am yellow

I am red.

I am fit

I am fat.

I am why,

I am what.


I am now

I am never.

I am how

I am where.



I am nothing

I am everything.


I am who I am.















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