Smell of my City

It is not the world’s most pleasant smell,

But I have known this smell for very long.

This smell is so much dear to me

This smell keeps me sane and happy,

It means so much to me.


It is not pleasant to many, but is love to me.

I get this when I travel in buses or on the road.

This smell is of freedom.

This is the smell of my city.




3 thoughts on “Smell of my City

  1. I love that your feelings about the smell are so strong. What does your city smell like? Exhaust? Sweat? Flowers? The North Wind? I would love to be able to smell it, too. 🙂

    1. Mostly of sweat. It is the smell of hard work, of ambition. People around me they work hard to achieve something they longed for. They are not all labourers , there are students, women, who sweat because they dream. And I try that my sweat also contributes to this smell of the city. My city is known as a slow moving city, I do not disagree with this ‘title’ but I think the people here do not compete with the world, they just want a happy ending to their life. They are devoid of insecurity, jealousy etc (These are present but not very prominent, or may be I am too naive to see).

      1. I love what you wrote in your comment, and I love your outlook. I look forward to reading more. Perhaps I will write of the scent of where I live. 🙂

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