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Look around, there are stories everywhere

Stories that need to be told

Stories that need to be seen.

Stories about love, stories about gain,

Stories about tragedy, stories about pain.


Somewhere in the corner a poet is

Writing poems about his dead daughter.

A little girl is exchanging her candies for flowers

To give to her father who will go to the war.


A socially isolated man is screaming

That  his glorious past is unseen.

And a blind man is imagining the colours

He has never seen.


The most famous surgeon of the town

Was not always famous.

And the singer of yester years

Is no more famous.


A millionaire is turned into beggar

And a beggar into millionaire.

A teenager is teaching the poor

After her hectic routine at the school.


While we are searching for a single inspiration.

Thousands of stories are untold

Unnamed heroes live among us

The stories are yet to be told.

The truth is yet to be spoken.


Stand awhile, close your eyes

Listen to those untold stories

They are being narrated

By the gossipy wind that passes by.

Just pen them down

And it will be a work of art.



(I wrote this poem for my school magazine)